Ty Stutts - About Me
Born in East-Texas and raised in West-Texas I was raised the cattleman's way.
 While I was raised around the beef and farming industry's my interests were always peaked with photography and when digital cameras finally emerged, my obsession with still and video photography began. I remember riding with my grandfather checking cattle and back then the polaroid camera was still pretty cool. Years went by and finally in 2004 my mother bought one of the next great things which was the Kodak Easy share system. It was great! We could finally take photos and print them off in minutes and from that point I continually had a camera by my side. In 2009 I started my photography venture in Stutts Pictures. I provided simple slide show videos and portraits. I knew there was more I could do with a better camera so one year I worked at a cotton gin just to make enough money to buy a real camera. I would work between 6-8 hours a day every day after school and finally I built up a little over a thousand and bought my first DSLR. It was a rough, rough start but I did it. do and how I do things. It is in his memory that I preform the photography services I provide though Stutts Pictures.