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    It is sneaking up on you. That's right, it's almost graduation. Have you had your photos taken?

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    It's getting closer to harvesting time. Are you ready for it?

Featured photo 1/8/2015

Trent Mesa Morning
There’s just something extra to winter mornings
Ty Stutts -- Three to four times a winter I go and photograph either a sunrise or a sunset. Every winter; sunrise or sunset you can always notice a certain kind of clarity in the atmosphere to match that you might find in the peace and quiet of Trent Mesa solitude. It’s truly unlike any time in spring summer or fall.

Featured video

Heinrichs Harvesting - First Look 2013 from Ty Stutts on Vimeo.

Heinrichs Harvesting - First Look for 2013

Even with harsh dry conditions and little wheat to be harvested, Heinrichs Harvesting still found their way to the Abilene area. Check back here through the 2013 Winter Wheat harvest season for more updates on Heinrichs Harvesting and more about harvesting.

What's New?

Stutts Pictures would like to introduce the next addition to our arsenal. The Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. What is so important about this lens? The lens gives us the ability to shoot absolutely breath taking photos and videos in dimly lit situations such as concerts and even football games.

Sneaking up:

That's right! Something is sneaking up on you and this time it is senior pictures. The end of this school year is inching closer to a close. Are you ready for graduation? Book online at to avoid the rush.

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We are a small photo & video company serving the Abilene area. We are based out of Trent Texas, A small town about twenty miles from Abilene Texas. Our focus is on providing a incredible product at the lowest price with portrait sessions starting as low as $ 65.00 and weddings starting as low as $ 370.00 for up to 4 hours of coverage.